My favourite Articles of the Week – Week 2

Here are my favourite articles and posts of the week, happy reading :)

1.10 Ways to Calm Your Child’s Fear of the Doctor – published by Baby Zone

2. Reading to a Toddler – published by What To Expect

3. Even moderate drinking in pregnancy can affect…  – published by Science Daily

4. Shabby Chic Princess Birthday Party – by Kara’s Party Ideas

5. Children who learn swimming young reach milestones faster -  by News Medical

6. How to cope with a toddler and a new baby – published by Baby Center



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Being a mother to a beautiful daughter I could not be any prouder or more in love with my baby girl. But being a parent and especially a full time mum is not just about kisses and cuddles, giggles and all the other 'heartwarming' things you hear people say. Fact is there is also lots of crying, tantrums, throw ups, sleepless nights and ... yes... poo explosions!!! My name is Mel and I am a full time mum to our daughter Lily Jade (and our Labrador dog Stitch) and this is my blog. I happily live on the Gold Coast (Australia) with my husband John and have been a mum to Lily for the last 2.5 years... Ask me anything about sleep problems to reflux to anxiety in toddlers, eating problems and eczema to name a few... YES I have experienced them all and my ever wondering mind has researched all of those topics over the last couple of years and I am looking forward to sharing some of my research and experiences with all of you. But this blog is not just about sharing my life story with you, I am looking forward to connecting with other parents, grandparents and carers alike who like to chat and discuss about life not just as a parent but sometimes also as a wife, daughter, sister, aunty, friend and woman.

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